PlantFit Support

Just like a plant could not survive without its roots, I also have support in my business.  Julie helps with social media (you’ll see her posts on Facebook) and a lot of other tasks that help me run my business.  She’s a client and has become a friend.  And, I think that many of you will connect with her amazing story.

Julie Robinson

Namaste.  My name is Julie Robinson.  I am the mother of three adorable(maybe somewhat spoiled) fur kids and an avid animal lover!


My passions include reading (I love a good mystery), music (I have very eclectic taste), arts & crafts (especially if it involves children), cooking/baking(more so if it’s for other people), and I never say “NO” to a “GAME NIGHT” request!  Pictionary anyone?
My dream is to one day own my own Animal Sanctuary and compete in a Triathalon.

So, in life I believe we are constantly walking different paths, living different lives.  I call these my “Journeys”.  In my past journeys I went to Nursing school, was a teacher at a childcare center for children with disabilities, was a Residential Counselor/House Manager in a Group Home for adults with mental and physical disabilities, worked with women in a drug rehabilitation center, was a nanny, had my own baking and catering business (The Barefoot Baker), and ran a dog rescue out of my Sugar Land home.
Unfortunately, a car accident brought my livelihood (what little there was of it) to a screeching halt in 2006.  I spent the next six years hiding in my house eating!  I had always been an overweight child, teenager, and adult.  Now I was just killing myself slowly with food.
The journey I am currently on, I call it my “Embracing Life” journey (and I got the Zibu symbol tattooed on my wrist as a reminder) began in February of 2012, when after years of being “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” (thank you Joe Cross for that film), I met the man who would finally inspire me to make a change!  That man was Dr. Garth Davis and the film he showed us that day was “Forks Over Knives”!  That was the day I heard words and saw images that inspired me to become the healthiest most compassionate person I could be.
Today, with the aid of therapy and medication for an eating disorder, OA (12 step program for those not familiar with this), following a plant-based diet (I am also now an ethical Vegan), water walking and water aerobics plus working with my favorite personal trainer, Amber Callahan, Dr Garth Davis cheering me on, and a lot of meditation, I am over 300 lbs lighter than I was when I began this Journey.
I still have more weight to lose and more surgeries to endure to fix my self-abused body so that it will do what I want it to do, but by living in the moment, taking it one day at a time, and showing myself the compassion I show others, I will meet my goals.

Infinite Love and Gratitude

-Julie Robinson