What do I cook?!


These are a few websites that were instrumental in helping me find recipes that the whole family will eat:

    1. No Meat Athlete: www.nomeatathlete.com
    2. Happy Herbivore: www.happyherbivore.com
    3. Oh She Glows: www.ohsheglows.com
    4. Chocolate Covered Katie: www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com
    5. Choosing Raw: www.choosingraw.com

I have personally made each of the recipes below and have enjoyed them all



Soups, Salads and Sides










General Cooking Tips


Smoothies, Sports Drinks and Running Fuel

9 comments on “What do I cook?!

  1. kerri sabo on said:

    i have personally tried and made several times a few of these dishes and they rock! the lentil tacos are one of my all time favorite dishes. the black beansd and sweet potatoe enchaladas are great as well. my kids especially love the wheat ball subs! the mushroom stroganoff is perhaps on of the best mushroom dishes of all time. i am definitely looking forward to trying some of these like the mushroom soup and orange cranberry loaf.

  2. kerri sabo on said:

    the red quinoa and black bean salad was to die for. it was on tonite’s dinner menu and i loved it!

  3. Love the quinoa and black bean salad!! Just made it for lunch and Victor asked for more! (He’s a very meat and potatoes/no veggies guy, but the cilantro, green onion, and lime won him over!) I’m excited – he never likes my healthy meals:)

  4. kerri sabo on said:

    so this week i made the sunflower seed “bars”(i didnt have enough agave syrup, so mine came out more like granola) and they were fantastic and very addictive. i also made the vegan cream of mushroom soup wich i poured over wild and brown rice….yum! and kale chips which are so much better than potatoe chips! i also made the biscuit pot pie. thanks for all the recipes

    • amberdc on said:

      I know, those sunflower bars are ridiculously good! Nicky asks me to make them every week! The cream of mushroom soup is one of Caleb’s favorites! He actually wants to cook it with me! Sounds good over the rice! Glad you’re enjoying the recipes!

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