Greetings! My name is Justin Cheung.
I am an avid yogi, certified personal trainer, weight lifter, Arbonne consultant, runner, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant & lead a plant based Vegan lifestyle.
The transition to a plant based lifestyle came to be on the 1st of January, 2015.  After a lifetime of consuming food omnivorously, I committed to myself in fine tuning my eating habits & lifestyle to feel healthier & happier from the inside out.
In regards to feeling healthy from the inside out; self discovery came to me as an active athlete, one CANNOT out exercise a BAD diet! The vegan lifestyle provides the appropriate fuel & support to allow maximal nutrient intake prior to training & for post work out recovery. There is no such concept as over training, just under recovering.
I resigned after 10 years in the corporate wellness/health care industry.  Self-conflict over time enduring no longer, I made the decision to finally assert my self  & cease working for a concept I do not believe in.  My belief lies in the PlantFit brand; mindful, healthy & strong.
It is through these concepts that the opportunity to continue my purpose of helping educate my fellow humans about the benefits of leading a plant based, vegan lifestyle.
A.C.S.M certified
Yoga teacher in training (fall 2015)
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant