How Amber Can Help You Live a Mindful, Healthy, Strong Life!

Are you tired of feeling tired?

Do you struggle with understanding the best foods to eat for your body?

Are you struggling to lose weight even though you feel like you are eating clean and exercising?

Do you want to eat a plant based diet, but do not know where to begin?

PlantFit was created to help people like you who are looking to clean up their diets, get moving (or just change up your current exercise program), and do it all on a plant based diet!  On this website you will find recipes, fitness and nutrition tips, and other information on how to live a plant based life.  My goal is to give you a place where you can find information to help you live a mindful, healthy and strong life!

As a certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher (in training), I help people who are motivated, ready to make changes, and are committed to taking action to improve their health.  I teach my clients how to adopt habits to improve their  quality of life, to quit dieting, and begin living a more mindful, healthy and strong life.  By meeting regularly, either in a one on one or group setting, and supplementing as needed with Arbonne’s plant based products,  my clients stop making excuses and become empowered to make healthier choices.

Client Testimonial:

I love food. Breads, pasta, pizza, tortillas – every white carb you can think of – are my absolute favorites. Unfortunately they don’t feel the same about me. Feeling sluggish and heavy after every meal is my normal.

At least it was my normal.

Just short of one year ago I reached out to Amber for guidance. My goal was to live a healthier life; to break bad habits and develop a clean, sustainable lifestyle. Amber encouraged me start by keeping a food log including how I felt after each meal. She introduced me to green recipes and healthy, vegan supplements to replace the meals that made me feel blah. I spent the first few months trying new recipes, planning weekly menus, and finding new “go to” meals to replace my old standards.

I had weeks of great success and days of complete failure. It wasn’t easy. Old habits and busy schedules often overpowered any effort to make positive changes. Months later, with Amber still coaching and forcing me to be reflective, I threw out the idea of menu planning and recipes. Amber’s advice to keep food simple – an impossible concept when I started this adventure – became the guiding principle in my food choices. Now I am able to go to the market to buy various fresh fruits and vegetables once a week and make up simple, quick meals as I go.

As I approach the one year mark I can celebrate huge successes and look forward to continued development. I love food. Now that I’m eating the right food I feel energized and ready to tackle my next goal.”  -Michelle


30 Days to Healthy Program.  Are you ready to commit to making changes that will last a lifetime?  

This is not a diet. It’s a way of helping people gain control over their food addictions, identify their food sensitivities and allergies, and detox.  30 Days to Healthy is a simple system designed to help you…

  • Minimize your intake of inflammatory foods
  • Minimize your exposure to common toxins (body burden)
  • Supplement your diet effectively to increase your nutrient intake and uptake with the Arbonne Essentials Products
  • Simplify your transition to healthy, balanced, whole food eating patterns
  • Maximize your body’s natural detoxification pathways
  • Encourage a reasonable amount of exercise
  • Balance blood sugar and more
  • Rediscover your health, vitality and beauty
  • Includes a 30 minute personal consultation at the start of the program and weekly 15 minute consults via phone.

Personal and Group Nutrition Coaching.   If you any of those statements struck a chord with you, I can help you by tailoring sessions to your needs.  Our sessions will help you form healthy habits so that you can make a lifestyle change without counting calories, dieting or depriving yourself, or adhering to strict meal plans.

I have both personal coaching and group coaching options (you can form a group with friends or join an existing group).   Sessions can be completed face to face (in the Houston area), via phone or Skype.

Personal Training and Yoga.  By combining good nutrition with exercise, you will get optimum results.  I offer one on one and small group personal training and yoga classes in Sugar Land, TX.  I am also available for training via Skype.

Apply now for a free 30 minute consultation to discover your best plan for BIG RESULTS.

About Amber Callahan

Hi, I’m Amber Callahan.  I’m a mom, yogi, runner, weight lifter, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, Arbonne consultant, and plant based diet enthusiast.

My commitment to fully embracing a plant based diet was solidified after reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I have since watched countless documentaries, read books and blogs all in an effort to best understand how to eat a plant based diet and how to do it right.

Aside from just eating right and feeding my family I also had to figure out how to fuel properly as an athlete.  I weight train and run five to six days a week.  The protein powders, meal replacement bars and recipes in fitness magazines that I read at the time I went plant based all contained animal products.  What I have found, though, is a community of body builders, runners, triathletes and athletes of all kinds that are strong on a plant based diet.

My passion for fitness and plant based eating led me to leave a 13 year career in public education to become a personal trainer.  My  life changed when I adopted a plant based diet and I want to help others change their lives for the better, too.

If you need help living your healthiest life with either nutrition or exercise goals or if you’d like to know how I have made a career out of helping  other people live their healthiest lives , please contact me.

Mindful, Healthy, Strong – Amber


  • Yoga Instructor
  • American Council on Exercise (A.C.E)
  • Art of Strength
  • Precision Nutrition Coach (PN1)
  • Currently (June 2015) in Precision Nutrition’s Level II certification program

Are you interested in living your strongest and healthiest life?  Contact me.