4 Bedtime Tips To Reach Your Goals

Reaching your weightloss goals isn’t always easy or simple.  Many people can make it through the majority of their day following strict rules or diets but when it comes to bedtimes they can be making mistakes without even realizing it.  If you are one of those people or even if you are not, take a minute to review a few of our important tips below.


1. Get a good nights sleep

While this may seem obvious, many times it is not.  With many Americans getting less then 6 hours of sleep per night, this remains a huge factor.  Not getting enough sleep can throw your hormones out of wack causing you to store fat and also lower your metabolism, not to mention the cognitive side effects.  It is recommend to get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep per night especially if you have been working out hard during the day.


2.  Take a small high protein snack

While this is not necessary for everyone, if you are prone to midnight snacks, or often get hungry before bedtime a small protein snack may do the trick.  Not only will it keep you full throughout the night but it will also allow you muscles to pull the protein the need for maintenance and to rebuild.  Remember increasing muscle size increases metabolism.  I personally love a love fat piece of meat like chicken breast but many others recommend unflavored Greek yogurt or a small protein smoothie.


3.  Turn it down a notch

If you are one of those people (like my husband) or always have the heater on, consider turning it down a notch before bed.  Not only has it been shown to help you get a better nights sleep (Tip #1) but it also can help you slightly boost your metabolism while you sleep.  Don’t worry you wont get frostbite (depending on where you live ;))


4.  Turn off the lights

No seriously turn off the lights, turn them off before you are even ready for bed.  I am talking about cell phones, TV’s, computers,  any bright distracting lights and then when it is time for bed make you room as dark as possible.  Not only does this tie into tip #1 but looking at bright screens before going to be has been shown to causing sleep issues making it take much longer to go to sleep.  Also some recent research says that sleeping with the lights on has been linked to higher rates of cancer.