What can a Nutrition Coach Do For You?

Testimonial from a client.

This is exactly my goal for everyone that I work with whether it be for food or exercise…keep it simple. Stop overthinking and complicating things. It’s a lifestyle. Not a diet or the latest exercise fad.

“I love food. Breads, pasta, pizza, tortillas – every white carb you can think of – are my absolute favorites. Unfortunately they don’t feel the same about me. Feeling sluggish and heavy after every meal is my normal.

At least it was my normal.

Just short of one year ago I reached out to Amber for guidance. My goal was to live a healthier life; to break bad habits and develop a clean, sustainable lifestyle. Amber encouraged me start by keeping a food log including how I felt after each meal. She introduced me to green recipes and healthy, vegan supplements to replace the meals that made me feel blah. I spent the first few months trying new recipes, planning weekly menus, and finding new “go to” meals to replace my old standards.

I had weeks of great success and days of complete failure. It wasn’t easy. Old habits and busy schedules often overpowered any effort to make positive changes. Months later, with Amber still coaching and forcing me to be reflective, I threw out the idea of menu planning and recipes. Amber’s advice to keep food simple – an impossible concept when I started this adventure – became the guiding principle in my food choices. Now I am able to go to the market to buy various fresh fruits and vegetables once a week and make up simple, quick meals as I go.

As I approach the one year mark I can celebrate huge successes and look forward to continued development. I love food. Now that I’m eating the right food I feel energized and ready to tackle my next goal.”


If you’re interested in making shifts that will make your life simpler, healthier, and happier in the long run, contact me for a complimentary consultation.