Challenge During the Holidays!? No Way!

Each month, I challenge people to shift their eating habits, exercise regularly, and supplement as needed with Arbonne. During the holidays, though, some people are more hesitant to make the commitment to “clean up.”  I say this is the BEST time to do it!

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Quick workout when you’re short on time

Speaking of the holidays…I know it can be challenging to find time to exercise.  I came home and ran late today (in part because my dogs were going house crazy) just because there was no other time!

If you want a good, quick workout, the key is to use full body movements and get your heart rate up!  Here’s an example:

Circuit A (set timer for 20 sec of work and 15 sec of rest) 3-4 rounds:
A: Russian twist
B: Punches, battle ropes, or jump rope (I have new gloves and are loving them)
A: Squat
B: Ball slams
Circuit (5 sets of 5 reps): 
A: Deadlift
B: triceps on TRX or overhead with weights
A: Rows on TRX or weights
B: Plank (goal…hold for 1 min)
Continue to eat well, get plenty of rest, and exercise as busy as the holiday season may get for you.  Take some time for yourself!