Number One Tip to Stay on Track

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted!  Life has been a little hectic (to put it mildly), but things are getting back on track.  I am really excited about the new things are coming to PlantFit.  If you didn’t receive my latest newsletter with those details, check it out here.  I’ll be posting more information about the exciting addition and my holiday challenge beginning November 1!

Today I wanted to address the number one piece of advice I have for people in staying on track with healthy eating.  If you do this one thing, you are almost guaranteed to make healthy eating a lifestyle change.  The feedback I get from clients is that this one habit makes HUGE impacts on their choices during the week.  Check it out in the video below.

And, in case you missed it last week, I’ve added swings back into my workouts each week because the Spartan weekend is coming up in just a few weeks!  Eeek!  I’m excited, but (not going to lie) a bit nervous too.  I’m also still obsessed with getting my headstands/handstands down so I work those in each week too.

Also, if you’re interested in working kettlebells into your routine, I’m available for training in the Houston area.  I do have several clients that I train from their home and I have this new space (where the video was filmed) available to me in Sugar Land.  So, definitely be in touch if you’d like to learn more about integrating kettlebells into your workout!

And, I will definitely be back on track with posting!  Don’t forget, too, that you can post questions on the home page and I’ll respond them weekly.

Mindful, Healthy, Strong