About Amber

How Amber Can Help You Live a Mindful, Healthy, Strong Life! PlantFit was created to help people like you who are looking to clean up their diets, get moving (or just change up your current exercise program), and do it all on a plant based diet!  On this website you will find recipes, fitness and […]


Healthy Living Coaches

Work With Amber, Justin or Nicky Healthy Living Coaching Services Have you ever thought it is too hard to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle? Do you struggle with choosing the best foods for your body? Are you tired of dieting or taking medication to keep you “healthy?” And, do any of these sound familiar? You go […]

How To Go Veg

Making the change to a plant based diet (or just eating more plants!). The first question most people ask after deciding to adopt to a plant based diet is “What will I eat?” The key is not to focus on food that you no longer are eating, but instead focus on the great variety that will now be opening up to you! I eat more variety now than I did before adopting a plant based diet. Start with small steps. Try a new fruit and vegetable each Learn More